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A message from Mr Dymock

Note: In this picture, Frankie is only sitting with me because he wants my cup of tea - not because he likes me!

Dear Bolt Class and Year 6,

This is a little letter to say ‘hello’ and ‘see you soon’ as we will all be sat in Bolt Class learning in the near future. It seems strange writing this letter, as I should be standing up in front of you right now teaching you maths (with a packet of sweets on my desk to keep me going!). I know you must be finding this situation a little surreal at the moment – I am too! However, it will not be long until we are back!

I hope that you have enjoyed your time with your families so far. I know it is a little hard as there are many things you would normally do that you simply cannot right now. Remember to check in on the school website regularly as the teachers in Year 6 are busy planning lessons for you to do at home.

I thought that I would share with you what I have been up to in order to keep myself sane during this lockdown period.

My biggest project has been my garden! I have had to get really creative as I haven’t been able to buy the things I need from the shops as they are not ‘essential items’. Luckily, I had some seeds and bulbs that I had purchased a little while ago. I have now planted them so hopefully I will start to see some colour in the garden before the end of summer. I have also started growing some tomatoes and chillies and have built a ‘make-shift’ green house for them out of resources I have found around the house.

Over the Easter holidays, my wife and I were meant to be on our honeymoon in Thailand but for obvious reasons we have had to postpone. We love Thailand so we thought we would try and cook some Thai dishes ourselves at home. We have made ‘Pad Thai’, which is a noodle dish, and we have made a ‘Thai Green Curry’. The curry is my favourite!

Being in lockdown has meant that I cannot play the sport I love – golf! I am really missing the golf course and hope my handicap doesn’t go up when I return to playing. Although, I have been practising in the garden, chipping balls into a bucket! I took part in a little friendly competition with some of my golfing friends. The aim was to chip the ball in the bucket from 8 yards away. I surprised myself and got it in on my 3rd chip – some of my friends didn’t even get it in after 50 attempts!

This situation has also made me really grateful for the time me and my wife spend on our dog walks with our dogs, Daisy and Frankie. After work I would normally moan about having to walk them, but now that is the part of the day I look forward to the most! Frankie keeps looking at me like ‘Why are you not at work’ but he does love sitting with me in the garden for a cuppa tea! (see the attached photo).

Anyway, enough about what I have been up to! I would like to hear what you have been doing. If you would like to write a letter back, you can email it to with the subject ‘Dear Mr Dymock and your name’.


I look forward to hearing from you. Stay safe!


Mr Dymock