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Welcome to Year 6

Here is a lovely diary entry from the perspective of Elisa in Ennis Class about her time in Year 6 so far. 

Dear Diary,         

                                It’s the first day back at school, I was a bit nervous while I was heading to the door with my brother, thoughts couldn’t stop bothering my mind. On my way to school, I tried to remember as many things I learned in Year 5 but after six months at home, my brain was probably still thinking it was not time to go back to learning yet. I was panicking.


When I arrived, a sudden chill ran through my spine but I felt much better when I saw my friends walking towards me, a big smile spread across their faces. We waited for a long time; after a lot of waiting and patience, the gates finally opened. As we walked in, I was amazed by the new equipment, that definitely made me feel better, and I also noticed that the wall, which divides the school from the houses and Tesco, was amazingly painted white and there was this this man drawn on a part of the wall that I honestly couldn’t recognize, in a nutshell, the playground was great.

Now, let’s just go in to the part where we meet my Year 6 teacher. As I mentioned, my new teacher is Mr Broderick and we also have Mrs Leigh and Mr Chart (my year 5 PE teacher). The first thing we did was write down the things we wanted our teachers to know about us and the adults that we trust. When maths time came, I do remember that I was quite calm, but I think we only covered some year 5 stuff that we couldn’t remember – it was quite easy. After that we had a break time.

After we lined up, we did some short burst writing and after that lunch time arrived. We washed our hands and started eating inside our classroom due to the fact Year 5 were in the canteen.

During the afternoon, we did History and French, they weren’t too bad though. Then home-time came, and that is how my day ended!