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Men R Us Event

Fantastic turnout for our Men R Us Event

Thank you to everyone that came along yesterday and spent time playing with their child,  We were delighted to welcome 45 adults in to the hall and family room to enjoy different kinds of games and activities.  Everyone had a wonderful time.  Here is some of the feedback we have received from those who came along.

“Spent quality time with my granddaughter. Look forward to the next one.”


“I think it was a great idea to invite dads to spend quality time with their children.  Thanks for creating this event.  (Dads can be forgotten sometimes.  Well organised – great turn out!”


“It was very good and kids were very excited.  It has given the chance to mix with all kids and have fun activities.  These activities help build good relationships between families.”


“A delightful afternoon and opportunity to see how well my daughter has settled at school and how comfortable she is in her own environment.  A great comfort to know and gives good peace of mind.  Would be nice to have maybe a little time seeing her in the actual classroom setting to observe how she is learning.”


“Nice one to one bonding and a bit of fun time with the children.  Very nice time, especially for dads who don’t always get the opportunity.”


“Wonderful to spend time with my eldest on our own.  Great to see so many dads.  Fantastic idea!”


“It was great for the extra time with my children.  Thoroughly enjoyed it today.”