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Growth Mindset Videos

You can find out what a growth mindset means by clicking here.

The best way to explain a growth mindset is to spend some time watching the video of Austin's Butterfly below. This is a video that we share and talk about a lot at school. It demonstrates the perfect approach to learning where children see themselves as teachers and they learn from their mistakes. Learning should be visible and all children should know that we can always 'grow our brains'.




In our whole-school assemblies, we talk a lot about having a growth mindset and about Learning Behaviours. The following Dojo videos are great ways for children to learn more about a growth mindset. Take some time to watch the videos in turn with your child and talk about what it means...

Growth mindset for students - Episode 1



Perseverance for students - Episode 1



Empathy for students - Episode 1



Motivational Video for children on Growth Mindset



Growth Mindset - Story Of Twin Brothers



Mindsets - Fixed versus Growth



Grit & Growth Mindset in Cartoon Characters