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Learning Behaviours

We are big believers at Stopsley that: ‘Attitude is a small thing that makes a big difference’.

When children have the correct attitude to learning, they always excel. We regularly talk to the children about having the right attitude and we always try to praise effort and attitude in class, rather than results. We do a lot of work, both in class and in assembly, about having the right learning behaviour. We talk with the children about the different learning muscles that we have and encourage them to have a growth mindset – never saying, ‘I can’t do this’… but always saying, ‘I can’t do this YET.

We are all trying to grow our brains!

Across the school, we have six different learning behaviours that we focus on so that we can become the best learners that we can be (one learning behaviour for each half term). Each of our learning behaviours is represented by an animal and uses a chosen colour. This helps us to remember them all. Together, we have created a list of what each learning behaviour looks like and we regularly talk about this in class and in our assemblies. This success criteria can be seen on the sheet at the bottom of this page and it can be downloaded for people to use at home. Our learning behaviours are promoted through posters which can be seen around the school and in our younger classes, we also have a cuddly toy for each animal which helps our youngest children own the behaviour. The posters below are shown in the order that we work on them during the year...

Our youngest children in Reception focus on just three of the Learning Behaviours across the year. These are Independence, Collaboration and Challenge.

Rewarding Good Learning Behaviour

When the children show good learning behaviour, they receive a tick on their class board (the same as they do for showing the Golden Rules). Three ticks makes a House Point and this gives the child a coloured token to put in our House Point collection tube in the main entrance area. When the children have earned a certain number of House Points, they are rewarded with a House Point certificate and special badge in our weekly celebration assembly. The certificates and badges progress through three levels (listed below) and our winners are very proud to wear their special learner badges on their uniform all year long. They are role models to everyone across the school and are asked to do very important jobs, such as showing special visitors around.

100 House Points = Bronze Learner

200 House Points = Silver Learner

300 House Points = Gold Learner

At Home...

We expect all parents to support us at home with our learning behaviours. Parents can talk about the learning behaviour with their child and should praise their child when they see that they are showing it. Parents should be role models themselves and can help their child know clearly what each learning behaviour is all about. By continually showing all six learning behaviours, our children become the very best learners that they can be.

Click on the picture below to download for home...