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Modern Foreign Languages

At Stopsley, we teach the language 'French'. We use a teaching resource called 'Twinkl' to support us in our teaching and assessing of French. It is taught from year 3-6, for an average of half an hour a week. In years 3, 4 and 5, there are 6 units, allowing for one unit per half term. In year 6 there are 4 units which are spread across the 3 terms. Depending on what is being taught in the unit, it may be more beneficial for the children to spend a whole day learning one unit rather than having 6 half hour lessons over a half term.

During our French teaching, the children cover a range of national curriculum aims. These are based on the children learning not just how to speak in another language but how to write and read as well.  In year 3 when the children begin learning French, they learn about themselves, their school and their family. By the time they are in year 6, they should be able to listen attentively, engage in conversation and use basic grammar to write in sentences.