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We are so fortunate here at Stopsley.  We continue to build our relationship year-on-year with the award-winning Luton Music Service (LMS) so that every pupil benefits from the expert music teaching they deliver. Through their time here, each child learns how sing in different ways, read musical notation and play a range of instruments and all classes enjoy wonderful opportunities to perform and to be an audience for a professional musical performance. We believe the musical experiences offered here at Stopsley encapsulate the principles distilled in our school’s motto: Inspiration-Aspiration-Excellence.

Through musical activities, our children grow in their skills of evaluation and critically in confidence and self-esteem. They also learn a deeper appreciation of how music has developed over time and in different places in the world as well as how it impacts and shapes culture.

Music provides a way to develop further community links and some are well established here at Stopsley, such as our annual joyful Christmas Celebration concert. Staged at a local church, it proves to be a fantastic happy memory-making occasion for our children and their families and friends.

Additionally, there are a range of brilliant extra-curricular musical activities available such as: KS2 choir (which offers members the chance to perform with other pupils at both town-wide and even national events), participation in the ‘Rocksteady’ band, piano lessons, individual singing lessons and much, much more.