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Performance Data

To view the 2019 (latest available due to Covid) primary school performance tables, please click the link below:


Schools Performance Data 2019 (latest available due to Covid)

In 2019, Stopsley Community Primary School had 71% of pupils achieving Age Related Expectations (ARE) or above in reading, writing and maths at the end of Key Stage 2. In reading, 73% of pupils achieved ARE or above. In writing, 84% of pupils achieved ARE or above. In grammar, punctuation and spelling (EGPS), 83% of pupils achieved ARE or above and in maths, 88% of pupils achieved ARE or above. In relation to reading, 20% of pupils achieved a high standard.  In relation to writing, 15% of pupils were working at greater depth within the expected standard. In relation to EGPS, 40% of pupils achieved a high standard and in relation to maths, 28% of pupils achieved a high standard. The average scaled score per pupil was 103 in reading, 108 in EGPS and 106 in maths.

Phonics Screening Check

In December 2021, the percentage of year 2 pupils passing the national Phonics Screening Check was 93%. 

Our School Aims 2019-2022

Our School Development Plan and Early Years Development Plan are written in light of feedback from children, parents, staff, Governors, School Improvement Advisors from the Local Authority and our Ofsted inspection. Both plans are regularly reviewed and updated. To view the school aims, please click below: