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Reception Distance Learning

Welcome to our Reception Distance Learning page. Each Monday we will share the distance learning for Reception children to access throughout the upcoming week. Please note that from 08.03.2021, we will be moving across to using Google Classroom for all of our Distance Learning although the work that children complete should still be submitted through Tapestry as before.

There will be: a weekly timetable, Chilli Challenges for Literacy, Phonics and Maths and a Friday Family Fun challenge. We will also be sharing teaching videos for Phonics, Literacy and Maths which link to the Chilli Challenges for each of those subjects. The timetable and resources can be viewed or downloaded by clicking on the link at the bottom of this page.

We love to connect!

We are keen to keep in close contact with children who will be learning from home over the coming weeks. We would encourage all parents to regularly upload examples of their child’s work at home via their online Learning Journal with Tapestry. We look forward to seeing short videos, photographs, pictures of 'work' or a quick snapshot anecdotes. Teachers will be checking Tapestry regularly to see what the children have been up to and of course, responding to this. We will also be sharing information via the ‘memo’ function on Tapestry.

Parents can also contact teachers with any learning queries by emailing the following email address. Alternatively, parents can comment on their child's 'Tapestry' page.

Please note - The year group email address will only be managed during the school day, during term time. Due to the teachers working in school, it may take longer than usual to receive a response.

Any other queries should be sent to the school office email address.

Whether learning in school or at home, we are here to help.

Take care and stay safe