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Reducing our ecological footprint

The children have amazed us with the actions that they have chosen for the whole school to undertake as part of our #changemakers project. Details are below. 

1. Ensure that our lunchtimes are more eco-friendly by recycling our school lunch boxes and eliminating the use of disposable cutlery.  We have bought reusable cutlery and made arrangements for the lunch boxes to be recycled from now on!

2. Plant more trees. Mr Garner has taken delivery of 80 new trees which we will soon be asking the children to plant on the school grounds.

3. Reduce the litter around school and our village. We are about to launch our Eco-Warrior clean up groups who will be regularly going into the village to tackle litter; to protect our wildlife and ensure our community looks nice!

4. Walk to school more.  When the weather improves, we will be running a whole school competition to see which class walks to school the most often, with weekly prizes.

The children will also be learning about changes that we can all make at home to reduce our ecological footprints, we would love it if you shared some of the changes your family makes by sharing your photos on social media, tagging the school and using #changemakers.

Let's change the world!